Each of us have a little mouse and lion inside of us!

“Yes, that day they BOTH learned that, no what your size, we all have a mouse AND a lion inside.”

The sweetest, and poignant picture book about friendship and being yourself.

– Deb Alter – Buckeye Lake Library
the lion inside

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Book Review: The Courageous Princess by Rod Espinosa

The Courageous Princess

Ever wonder what would happen if the princess in the story decided to rescue herself? Princess Mabelrose in The Courageous Princess by Rod Espinosa does just that. She is kidnapped by a dragon and she knows her father will come to rescue her but since he has no idea where the dragon has taken her, she decides to rescue herself. Does she succeed? And if she does, how will she get home to the kingdom of New Tinsley? Read the three graphic novels in this wonderful series to find out.


With the classic elements of a hero and the companions she meets in her adventures, this is a really exciting novel. It has quite a few character references to fairy tales and myths you already know plus a lot of fantastic new characters. The artwork is magical and I love that Mabelrose is “not as beautiful, or as talented, or as rich” as other princesses. She is, however, taught about courage, wisdom, and love by her parents. She is truly a great inspiration for girls and boys.


Jenn – Hervey Memorial, Utica

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Book Review: Awkward by Svetlana Chmakova

awkwardOn the first day of middle school, Peppi Torres tripped and dropped her books. When sweet, nerdy Jaime tried to help her, bullies started taunting both of them, and Peppi pushed Jaime away. She’s regretted it ever since, but her attempts to apologize are complicated by the fact that she’s a member of the art club and he’s a member of the science club. Between the two clubs there is a fierce rivalry. Can Peppi and Jaime find a way to connect, before the competition between clubs leads to disaster?

This graphic novel is a lot of fun! It reminded me of Raina Telgemeier’s Smile and Sisters, two super-popular books at our library, and of recent Newbery Honor book Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson. If you’ve read those books and are looking for something like them, you should try this one!

– Misti, Children’s Librarian, Main Library

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American, Italian, Children are Children

After spending a month in Italy working a camp, I observed that the children act and play the same. They loved to play outside and loved to play non-stop. The main difference that I observed was the language. At the start of the camp I watched kids play with each other and do a rhythmic hand game. The hand game as I knew it as is called “Boom Snap Clap”. In Italian, the children call it “Petto, Ditto Mano”. Instead of the sound they hear, they call it by the body parts that are making a noise. The game is to a rhythm that is played by a mixture of hitting your chest (boom), snapping your fingers (snap), and clapping your hands (clap). In Italy, they had the same game, except in Italian.
Boom=Petto (Chest)
Snap- Ditto (Finger)
Clap-Mano (Hand)
Many of the games and toys that the Italian children  played with were many that you would recognize

Connect 4

connrct 4

















Corn Hole


















And building blocks!


















The children also loved to play at the park











And have a nice snack

kit kat

















The time in Italy was beautiful and the children were amazing to work with, but I am happy to be back at work with the children here!

Main Library

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Library Magic

We had a great time with our favorite magician today, Dave Lehman!

-Kim, Emerson Miller Library



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Book Review: The Children’s Interactive Story of Art

children's interactive art coverThe Children’s Interactive Story of Art from the National Gallery in London is a wonderful history of art around the world from prehistoric times to today.

With brilliant photographs and information about each art period, this book is a beautifully crafted summary of art for children. The stories are short enough to keep the reader fully engaged with numerous photos of paintings, sculptures, and architecture that will keep anyone’s interest.

The book also explains techniques that the masters used, gives details on art theory and even makes suggestions of things to try at home! You can also download the free app to play games, make your own museum display and have fun with the art.

This is a wonderful book for anyone who is interested in art – not just children!
Nancy, Hebron Library

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Zumba at the Library!

We recently had my favorite Zumba instructor visit us again this summer. It’s always a blast when she’s here getting us to move it and shake it!  Don’t miss out on her next class here at the Emerson Miller Library on Thursday, June 30th at 2:00pm.  All ages welcome, no sign-up needed and it’s FREE!


-Kim, Emerson Miller Library


83 174 213

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Book Review for Pix by Gregg Schigiel


Pix is a teenage superhero who is also a fairy princess. She lives with her mom and stepdad but her birth father is the King of the Fairies. She has a great costume designed and made by two of her friends and she is able to fly. In her first adventures, she battles a Magic 8-Ball monster, a dragon, and an escaped monkey. Pix is a really enjoyable read with a mixture of superhero stories, fantasy, and teenage concerns.  Read this fun and exciting graphic novel to find out more about Pix and her friends.


Jenn – Hervey Memorial, Utica

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Summer Science Series at the Library!

Are you ready for Summer Science?!

In our first program (Birds & Seeds on June 16th), we will create “beaks” out of plasticware and see which beaks work best for picking up different kinds of food.  We’ll create bird puppets and design our own birds on paper with special adaptations, plus a handful of other fun activities.  At the end of the program, enjoy a sweet and crunchy bird treat or two at our small-scale fruit and seed buffet!

Our 5-program Summer Science Series (for grades 2-5) will be all about having a lot of fun while learning new things.  So try something new this summer.  These programs should be a blast!  We look forward to seeing you at the library soon!


Kathy & Meghan

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Book Review: The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan

trialsapolloZeus needs someone to blame for the war with the giants, and his eye falls on Apollo. How do you punish a god? You make him mortal, of course. Apollo the scrawny teenager falls to earth in a New York City back alley, and is immediately set upon by thugs, then falls in with a young demigod who has some secrets she’s not telling. Apollo wants nothing more than to regain his godly status, but how? He’s got a sinking suspicion that it has to do with the Oracle of Delphi, which has been retaken by an old enemy of his. And, speaking of old enemies, some shadowy figures from the distant past seem to be making a bid for world domination. In fact, they may have been behind all of the troubles the demigods have faced thus far…

Just when I think Riordan has pretty much run through his source material, he manages to twist in a different direction and set off on a new course. Apollo’s perspective is a lot of fun to read, what with the overweening egotism and all — Riordan does make him somewhat sympathetic by the end of the book. And I’m intrigued by the new bad guys.

I didn’t think this book was quite as action-packed as Riordan’s other stuff, but it was doing a lot of work to set up the series. It was nice to go back to Camp Halfblood for a bit, and to see some old friends. I wouldn’t recommend this as a starting point for readers new to Riordan, but fans of Percy Jackson should certainly take notice.

-Misti, Children’s Librarian, Main Library

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