Dia De Los Muertos-Day of the Dead

bolDia De Los Muertos or Day of the Dead is observed from October 31-November 2 mainly in Mexico and in regions with large Hispanic populations. This cultural holiday is when family and friends come together to remember friends and family members who have died. Come celebrate with the Licking County Library on October 31st to learn about this holiday where we will create some tasty treats!


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Book Review: The Last Boy at St. Edith’s by Lee Malone

lastboySt. Edith’s School tried going coed, but the experiment failed. The school soon stopped accepting boys, but allowed those already enrolled to continue. Over the years, the number of boys has dwindled, and now, the thing he has dreaded has finally come to pass: Jeremy is the last boy left at the school. He gets his tuition waived because his mother is the secretary, which means that she can’t afford to pull him out and send him to another private school — and the public schools in his area are not desirable. Jeremy is desperate: he has to find a way to get kicked out of school that won’t land him in juvie. He and his daring friend Claudia settle on a prank war as the best way to get him in just enough, but not too much, trouble. Jeremy has some rules: nobody is to get hurt, and nothing is to be permanently damaged. Unfortunately, things start to (literally) snowball out of his control. Will his plan work, or is Jeremy headed for more trouble than he bargained for?

This was a quick, fun read. It was also an interesting, though not incredibly deep, look at masculinity and what it might be like to be in Jeremy’s situation. I’d recommend this to readers who enjoy boarding school stories and tales of prank wars, though this does not have quite the high levels of hilarity that typically characterize the latter.  Still, if the topic is of interest to you, it’s definitely worth reading!

-Misti, Children’s Librarian, Main Library

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Book Review: The Importance of Being Little: What Preschoolers Really Need From Grownups, by Erika Christakis


The Importance of Being Little: What Preschoolers Really Need From Grownups (by Erika Christakis) is not the final word on preschoolers’ development, but it will make you think about what constitutes meaningful interaction with young children.

Some interactions with adults are just more engaging, enlightening, and stimulating to children than others.  And teachers and care takers are in a unique position to encourage curiosity and creativity in kids by asking meaningful, interesting questions at the right times and then by stepping back, allowing children’s own trains of thought to continue contemplating independently.

This is a dense book (299 pages) with lots of relevant true stories and supportive research.  In it, Christakis draws attention to…

  • The unnecessary emphasis we sometimes place on the importance of buying specific, material supplies, when an engaging conversation would be infinitely more valuable.
  • The observation that time spent alone with an adult is not always of special value. It depends what truly goes on in that time.
  • The well-supported finding that play is a necessary component of childhood.
  • And the well-supported idea that real world experiences are more valuable than just pictures, diagrams and models of them.

Christakis makes many more good points in her book as well.  I found myself nodding while reading more than once.  Only one complaint- I felt that the conclusion of the book was not as detailed or as well-supported by research as the rest was.  However the bulk of the book was interesting, enlightening, and worth the time commitment.

– Kathy, Children’s Librarian, Main Library

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Book Review: Good Night, Baddies by Deborah Underwood and illustrated by Juli Kangas


A really fun bedtime story about the “baddies” in fairy tales and the end of their busy days. It’s bedtime at the castle and all the fairy tale villains are preparing for bed. After spending the day causing trouble, they can relax and enjoy time together without having to be evil. I enjoyed this calm, rhyming story that is perfect for reading to your little one before bed. With a different take on the baddies and wonderful illustrations, it will hopefully help a child to have pleasant dreams. Or just please a child who feels sorry for the villain.


Jenn – Hervey Memorial, Utica


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Book Review: A Most Magical Girl by Karen Foxlee

mostmagicalThings Annabel Grey wants:
-A pair of emerald green ice skates
-A pink sprigged muslin day dress
-Her mother to come back and take care of her

Things Annabel Grey does not want:
-A broomstick
-Magical powers
-A quest to save all of London from an evil wizard

Needless to say, Annabel is not going to get much of what she wants, and she is going to get a great deal of what she doesn’t want. Despite her proper upbringing, Annabel has magic in her veins, and her mother has sent her to live with her two great-aunts in order to learn witchcraft. Unfortunately for Annabel, she arrives on the eve of a crisis, when Mr. Angel, a practitioner of black magic, has perfected a machine that will allow him to raise an army of shadowlings and take over the world. The only thing that can stop him is the White Wand, also known as the Moreover Wand, which lies somewhere beneath London. Only the youngest member of the Good and Benevolent Magical Society can retrieve the wand — and Annabel is the youngest member. Accompanied by a peculiar and wild girl named Kitty, Annabel must travel along an underground river, through the Singing Gate and into the Troll Kingdom, across the Lake of Tears and past the great Wyrm . . . and she must do so before moonrise, or Mr. Angel wins!

This is a lovely story. The interactions between the characters are simply perfect, the plot moves on apace, and the writing is enchanting. I very much enjoyed this book, and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good fantasy story with plenty of magic, humor, and adventure.

-Misti, Children’s Librarian, Main Library

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Celebrate National Teddy Bear Day at Hebron Library!

Teddy BearHave you ever wondered what happens in the Library at night?

Well…..you just might get some ideas when you allow your Teddy Bear to spend the night at the Library on National Teddy Bear Day, Friday, September 9th! Bring your Teddy Bear or other stuffed animal to the Hebron Library at 3:30 pm on Friday and we will have special evening activities just for your Teddy Bear!

Pick him up the next day (Saturday) between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm to see what kind of adventures he had overnight!

We look forward to seeing all of our furry friends at Hebron Library on September 9th!

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Book Review: Grayling’s Song by Karen Cushman

Grayling's Song

Grayling is the daughter of a wise woman. She is not very confident in her own abilities and certainly doesn’t think she is a magic maker like her mother. When her mother is rooted to the ground by an evil spell, she sends Grayling to find the grimoire that has been stolen from her in hopes that it will help them find a way to break the spell. Grayling soon discovers that most of the magic makers in the kingdom have been affected by the spell and their grimoires are gone as well. With the help of the few that have escaped the spell, Grayling sets out to find the grimoire. Along the way she learns many things about herself and her abilities as well as those of others.

I loved this story for the female protagonist who has to find her own strength as well as all the magic. There are several fun characters, including a little mouse who eats way too many potions with funny and, at times, useful results. A great book for middle grade readers who love magical stories.

Jenn – Hervey Memorial, Utica



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Classroom Collections

Hey, teachers!  Ready for another exciting school year?  Remember, the library is here to help!  There’s a special service we offer to educators: classroom collections.  We’ve made a few recent changes to our classroom collection program in order to get you the most relevant materials to assist with your lesson plans.

A classroom collection is an assortment of books on a topic that you specify, selected by a librarian and pre-checked out to you, so you can just bring your library card to the circulation desk and pick up your collection quickly.  We ask that you give us at least seven days to assemble your collection – more, if it’s a highly specific or seasonally popular topic.  That allows us to find the best books for you, even requesting some from other libraries in our consortium.  Do you have multiple topics in mind?  We’ll include up to four different topics in one classroom collection.  Want specific titles?  We’d be glad to pull those for you as well – just give us a list.

To request a classroom collection, call the Main Library Children’s Department at 740-349-5550, email kids@lickingcountylibrary.info, or fill out this form on our website.


-Misti, Children’s Librarian, Main Library

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Storytime Returns!

Back to School time also means Back to STORYTIME at the Hebron Library beginning on Tuesday, August 30th at 11:00 AM!

Beautiful Chicken 2016

One of the crafts we will do this year.


Jan Brett Books is one of our storytime themes!



We have some great storytime themes lined up for the kids this year including a look at Jan Brett books, Friendship, Penguins and Ducks, Apples, and the Weather!  There will be lots of fun with great songs, crafts and, of course, Books!



Stop by at 11:00 AM on Tuesdays – August 30, September 6, September 13, September 20, October 11, October 18, October 25, November 1, November 22 and November 29.

thebear ate your sandwich

AND…we have a very special READ FOR THE RECORD Storytime on Thursday, October 27 at 11:00 AM.  Come and be part of the World’s Largest Shared Reading Experience by listening to The Bear Ate Your Sandwich by Julia Sarcone-Roach.

We hope you can stop by for some of these special library experiences – You’ll enjoy every minute of it!

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Bedtime Math

Why read your children bedtime stories every night when you can read them bedtime math? It may sound strange, but there are studies that show children improve their overall math skills when they do simple math problems every day. The “Bedtime Math” series of books is a great way to introduce math into your child’s daily routine. It’s a series of 3 books: “Bedtime Math: A Fun Excuse to Stay Up Late”, “Bedtime Math: This Time It’s Personal” and Bedtime Math: The Truth Comes Out”. Each story has a math problem to solve and there are 3 levels of difficulty for each problem: Wee ones, Little kids and Big kids. There is also a Sky’s the Limit challenge for kids who are feeling more adventurous.
If your child prefers technology, there are the Bedtime Math website: http://www.bedtimemath.org or the Bedtime Math app (available at the App Store or Google Play) that offer a daily math problem as well.
This fall at the Main Library in downtown Newark, we will be having the Bedtime Math Crazy 8’s Club for children in grades 3-6. It will be offered as 3 different registered programs. The first one is Toilet Paper Olympics on Monday, Sept. 19 from 4:30-5:30. The second program is Spy Training on Monday, Oct. 24 from 4:30-5:30. The last one is Flying Marshmallows on Monday, Nov. 28 from 4:30-5:30.  The fall Homeschool Series will also be programs from the Bedtime Math Crazy 8’s Club. These are also registered programs offered on the 4th Wednesday of the month from 1-2pm. The topics will be Glow in the Dark Geometry, Let’s Get Loud and Bouncy Dice Explosion.

For more information about the Crazy 8’s Math Club programs or to request a copy of the “Bedtime Math” books, visit our main webpage http://www.lickingcountylibrary.info


~Meghan, Main Library

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