Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer by, Kelly Jones

unusual chickens

Do you have chickens? How about unusual chickens? Sophie Brown does. In fact she has 6 unusual chickens that she just inherited from her Great Uncle. The only problem is, she has to find them. It’s harder than it sounds. Unusual chickens have unusual powers and Sophie has to figure them out in order to catch the chickens. To make things worse, Sue Griegson is trying to steal Sophie’s unusual chickens for herself! The only people who can help Sophie out are Gregory the Mailman and Agnes from Redwood Farm Supply. Agnes is the one who sold the unusual chickens to Sophie’s Great Uncle so she knows all about them, but she is hard to communicate with. Will Sophie ever be able to figure out where all the chickens are and how to catch them?

This is thoroughly entertaining book and will make a chicken lover out of you, if you’re not already! The grumpy Henrietta reminds me of my chicken, Miss Prissy. I highly recommend this book to anybody who loves chickens, has chickens or wants chickens. You’ll never look at a chicken the same way again!

Meghan, LNE

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Adults and Summer Reading, Summer Learning

As librarians we hear all too often that adults think Summer Reading and Learning is just a “kid thing” and we see parents and other family members focus on urging their children to get signed  up and participate in our reading challenges and programs.  But this is NOT so–every annual Summer Reading at our library adults have this perfect opportunity to SHARE this experience with children and win adult prizes as an extra incentive.  This year each LCL location offers $100 in gift certificates as our Grand Prize and each week we draw for a LCL book tote.

Adults sometimes need to reminded of the benefits of reading as an adult. These benefits encompass better writing skills, stress reduction, increased knowledge, vocabulary expansion and improved focus and concentration to name a few. It also serves as the best argument to get your children to read and on the road to success and happiness. If your child does not see you read, all the cajoling in the world will not convince them that you really mean it when you urge them to do it themselves.

Children learn by example so join them this summer by Escaping the Ordinary–Deirdre (Hebron Branch Supervisor and book addict)

Be a great example to the children in your life --read and be rewarded in so many ways.

Be a great example to the children in your life –read and be rewarded in so many ways.

If you read come pick up a book review sheet--your books can be audiobooks, non-library books even a magazine! Just show your little ones you read too.

If you read come pick up a book review sheet–your books can be audiobooks, non-library books even a magazine! Just show your little ones you read too.



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Reading On the Go

Welcome to summer – the official season for family road trips! Why not add some fun to your next drive with an audiobook the whole family will love?

I recommend:

Grades K-2

Grades 2-3

Grades 4-5

Looking for more recommendations? Check out the yearly Odyessy Award winners & honor books celebrating the very best audio books produced for children & young adults.

playawayGot a car full of people with vastly different tastes in books? Grab a few Playaways or Playaway Views to give everyone a personalized reading experience. Playaways are self-contained media players that only require headphones. We have a wide variety of both fiction & non-fiction titles for kids, teens & adults. The Views are media players for our youngest patrons – these are visual representations of books, similar to the Reading Rainbow TV experience. Don’t forget to pick up batteries for both at the circ desk when you check out.

-Mandie, main library

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Buckeye Lake Library’s Superhero Telephone Booth

Becoming a Superhero!

Becoming a Superhero!


Now I am a Super Hero  Wham!, Boom!, KaPow!



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Author Review: Mary Downing Hahn

Deep and Dark and Dangerous

Looking for a good ghost story?  Try some of Mary Downing Hahn’s books like Deep and Dark and Dangerous, The Old Willis Place, All the Lovely Bad Ones, and many more.  Her books are for grades 4-7 in general.  Hahn’s books have a great combination of scary moments, good characters, as well as a bit of mystery.  Prefer just a mystery in general?  Try Hahn’s Closed for the Season.  If you’re a fantasy reader, she even has a book for you, Witch Catcher, complete with fairies and witches.

Jenn-Hervey Memorial, Utica

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Up, Up and Away

Have you ever wondered, “What makes an airplane fly?”

Paper planes

When’s the last time you made a paper airplane?

Stand with your hand in front of you with your thumb pointing up and your pinkie finger towards the ground.  Now, swing your hand back and forth.  Do you feel the air as you move?  Now rotate your hand flat, and keep swinging.  Do you notice how your hand moves more smoothly even though the air hasn’t changed?  This is called aerodynamics.  It is the most important thing to consider when making a paper airplane.

Come to any one of the Licking County Library branches to see how creating and testing paper airplanes can help you earn prizes for our 2015 Summer Learning Program.

Try out these designs, and see if you can get four vital forces to come together.  Test your paper airplane making skills — drag, gravity, thrust, and lift.

Let us know how far your plane flew.


*Cheesy Joke Alert: Two Wrights do not make a wrong. They make an airplane.

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Hebron Renovates Teen Space

With 2,000 sq feet the Hebron branch library is physically the smallest of all the LCL branches,  we are however a little library with a BIG heart. Our four branch staff are working hard in the last 8 months to court more teens to come in and  ‘hang out’, play games and explore crafts specifically for their age group. We want them to use our services and our free research tools to help them through their teen years and beyond. The library CAN make teen life easier! This year we have made our teen area more attractive with its own seating area, a new teen books area and with a monthly board game night  from September through May.  Later in 2015 we hope to have some teen readers advisory on our teen table and more input from Hebron teens on new books or services. Come check out our changes and some items too!– Deirdre @ Hebron.

Books now on display in our Hebron Teen Area 2015

Books now on display in our Hebron Teen Area 2015

New Seating Area for Teens for board games, relaxing with your tablet or reading one of our books from the teen collection.



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Book Review: The Forgotten Sisters by Shannon Hale

forgottensistersFans of Shannon Hale’s Princess Academy series, rejoice — here is the author’s latest book!

After an extended visit to the capitol city, Miri is homesick for Mt. Eskel. She’s anxious to return to her family and get on with her life — but a last-minute request from the king throws all of her plans into confusion. With the nation on the brink of war, the king must forge an alliance with a neighboring country, and for that, a royal bride is needed. Miri, as a Princess Academy graduate, is expected to travel to where three royal cousins live in a remote, swampy area, and see that they are trained in all ways befitting princesses. When Miri arrives in the swamp, she discovers that the royal cousins have been living in poverty, hunting their own food, and sleeping on the ground in their little linder house. The girls have as little training as Miri and her friends had at the start of their own Princess Academy days — and less inclination to cooperate with their tutor! But as Miri gets to know her new charges, she finds herself beginning to care for them and respect them for their unique strengths, and they eventually learn to trust and respect her, too. But, isolated as they are in the swamp, it’s hard to know what’s happening in the kingdom. Is the Princess Academy still on, or is war already raging through the land?

This well-written series is populated throughout with strong female characters in interesting settings. It’s not strictly necessary to read the other two books before you read this one — the story stands on its own — but the book does frequently reference characters and events from previous books, so readers may want to start at the beginning of the series.

–Misti @ Main

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Read – alongs Help Children with Reading

giggle quackLearning to read begins with early literacy practices; talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing with your child. Reading with your child one on one is essential but for those times your child wants to read on their own you can use read-along books. The picture book comes with a CD so your child can read along with the CD as it tells the story. Your child will learn to recognize the written word while listening to the spoken words. These books are also great on car trips. Your child is entertained and learning to read while traveling.

The Main Library and Emerson Miller Library have a large assortment of read-along book/cd combos in easy to carry bags. All you need is a CD player to listen to the picture books and fun nonfiction titles. Check out a few titles today!

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“May the Fourth” Be With You!

Star Wars is a classic film enjoyed by millions. Did you know that there are Star Wars books which can be enjoyed by all ages, at all reading levels? This year there is a new Star Wars movie set to be released in December. Why not see where the story began by checking out some books?


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