Fall Festival at the Buckeye Lake Library

Join us at the Buckeye Lake Branch of the Licking County Library on Saturday, October 24th from 12:00-2:00 p.m. for a fun filled afternoon. We will be serving hot dogs and light refreshments while supplies last. Children and Teens get your face painted and have fun making fall themed crafts. Don’t forget to come dressed in your favorite Halloween costume.

Fall Festival at Buckeye Lake

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Book Review: The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan

swordsummerMagnus Chase has been on his own since his mom died, living on the streets of Boston. When his homeless buddies tell him that his uncle is looking for him, Magnus knows he’s in trouble. Soon, he finds himself in an action-packed chase-and-fight sequence that results in his death. Now, usually it’s not a good thing when a book’s hero dies less than 50 pages into the story — but Magnus has previously unsuspected ties to Norse mythology, so when he dies heroically, a Valkyrie whisks him away to Valhalla, where he joins the hordes of heroes awaiting Ragnarok. There’s just one problem: Magnus has some unfinished business on Earth. Could it be that he’s one hero that Valhalla just can’t hold?

To me, this book feels like a return to Riordan’s strengths. While I enjoyed the Heroes of Olympus series, it did have some weaknesses — particularly when it came to the sheer number of point-of-view characters. This book zeros back in on a single first-person perspective (a friend who also read the book refers to Magnus as “an older, rougher Percy Jackson,” and I think that sums him up pretty well, though there’s still nothing content-wise to discomfit upper-elementary and middle-school readers). Riordan also brings back the witty chapter titles that will have some readers (or at least this one) snorting with laughter at times. The pace is a breakneck as ever, with the usual assortment of monsters and villains, just from further north this time. Riordan works his usual magic with the mythology, seamlessly blending it into the modern world with plenty of tongue-in-cheek humor to hold everything together. There are also a few sly references to Riordan’s earlier works, not to mention a cameo appearance by a certain other Chase — readers who haven’t encountered those earlier books won’t feel lost, but Riordan’s fans will love those little inside jokes. Bottom line: if you like Riordan’s style, you’ll definitely like this book — and if you’ve never picked up the others, you can start here without worrying about what you’ve missed in earlier books.

This first book in Riordan’s exciting new series will be released on October 6th.  Use our online library catalog to reserve your copy today!

–Misti, Children’s Librarian, Main Library

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Benefits of Audiobooks

Audiobooks are a wonderful way to hear a story on the go. Instead of listening to the radio on a car ride or the TV in the background as you work around the house while the kids are studying try putting on an audiobook if you haven’t already tried it.

The benefits of an audiobook are

  • That is introduces books above a child’s reading level
  • Models interpretive reading
  • Teaches critical listening
  • Highlights humor in books
  • Introduce new vocabulary or difficult proper names or locales
  • Showcases to the listener unfamiliar speech, dialects, accents, and colloquial languages
  • Provides a read-aloud model
  • Provide a bridge to important topics of discussion for parents and children who can listen together while commuting to sporting events, music lessons, or on vacations

As with many other things there are cons, such as:

  • The pace of the audiobook maybe too fast or slow
  • The voice reading maybe irritable
  • Using a CD player or a cassette player in this day and age

But, I would give audiobooks a try. It is a wonderful way to get a good story in when you are on the go.

Sofialyn-Main Library

Source: http://www.readingrockets.org/article/benefits-audiobooks-all-readers

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Buckeye Lake Library’s Interactive Board

Come participate with our fun Interactive Board

at Buckeye Lake Library!DSCN0890

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Book review: Goodbye Stranger by Rebecca Stead

goodbyestrangerBridget, Tabitha, and Emily have been best friends forever, but middle school will try their friendship in new ways. Bridge has made a new friend, Sherm. She doesn’t think she’s in love with him, but is it possible to fall in friendship just as powerfully as you fall in love? Tab has discovered feminism, thanks to an inspirational teacher, but she’s about to be reminded that she still doesn’t know everything. And Em has developed a figure that is getting attention from boys — including a certain boy, who wants her to send him a certain kind of photo. Meanwhile, in another story line, an unnamed high school girl deals with betrayal and disillusionment in her own friendships.

This book is a really excellent middle-school book, which is actually comparatively rare. The characters act in ways consistent with actual middle-schoolers, and deal with issues that face middle-schoolers, and while the issues are addressed frankly, they never venture out of the middle-school realm. And of course, since it’s Rebecca Stead, the writing is generally excellent and the characters are distinct and develop over the course of the story. Recommended to both the target audience and to anyone who enjoys well-written juvenile fiction.

-Misti, Children’s Librarian, Main Library

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Book Review: El Deafo by Cece Bell

El Deafo

This is a wonderful graphic novel about a young girl with hearing loss and her search for a true friend. Cece wears a huge hearing aid to school and it makes it difficult for her to find a true friend. Follow her adventures as she learns her hearing aid makes it possible for her to hear her teacher no matter where she is in the school – even the bathroom. She feels this is like a superpower and styles herself as El Deafo. The book is based on the author’s childhood.

El Deafo is a 2015 Newberry Honor Book.

Jenn – Hervey Memorial

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Preschool Story Time At Buckeye Lake Library

Please come join us!

Wednesday’s at 11:00 a.m.

Stories, Songs, and Fun for all!

Fall Session

 September 2nd – September 20th

Story time

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Maker Mondays- Coming this Fall!

Maker Spaces and Libraries go together like PB & J. Each one is good on their own, but together they’re better! Maker Spaces encourage critical thinking and problem solving skills along with developing creativity in children. (adults too!) So on September 14, the Main branch of the library is launching Maker Mondays. Each Monday a new challenge will be available and will stay up all week. This will be a drop-in program. It will consist of a challenge and the supplies to make a solution. There are no right or wrong answers and each person will have a unique spin to their design.

The last Monday of the month is a special Maker Monday program for tweens in 3rd-6th grades. In September, the program will be “Light up your Notebook”. Using LED lights, copper tape and batteries, tweens will transform their original drawings into a glowing masterpiece. This program will introduce tweens to simple circuits and will contain an art element. During the month of October the Main Library will host a travelling 3-D printer. For the special Maker Monday we will be having a staff member from the Emerging Technologies Department do a 3-D printer demo. (There might be take-home goodies as well!) For November, it will be a battle of microscopic proportions as we make Magnetic Microbots. Tweens will design and build a small microbot that will have specific functions and be able to travel up smooth surfaces. Engineering skills will be put to the test!

These programs are a good way to incorporate STEAM into your homeschool curriculum or enhancing lesson from school. I hope your children and tweens will come in and see what all the fun is about!

-Meghan, Main Library

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Toddler Art!

In preparation for our upcoming Toddler Art programs (beginning in late September), I have been reading a lot about goals art educators should have when working with toddlers and preschoolers.  The source I have found to be the most helpful so far is First Art for Toddlers and Twos: Open-ended Art Experiences, by Mary Ann F. Kohl.  What I found really alarming in this book was the regular repetition of a piece of advice given to me by one of my favorite high school art teachers, the idea that, in art, the process is more important than the product.  The fun is in getting there.

This is an idea that really resonates with me.   It is during the process of making art that children really have time to learn to focus their attention, make decisions, express their ideas, and, perhaps most importantly, to have fun.  Hopefully, our new Toddler Art programs will give kids the opportunity to do all of the above.  I cannot wait to begin these art programs.  I look forward to seeing you there!!

-Kathy, Children’s Librarian, Main Library

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First Thursdays Homeschool Program

Homeschool Program 3-5-15

Are you a homeschooler and looking for some new ideas for your children? Did you know there is a homeschool program at the Hervey Memorial Library in Utica? It meets at 1:00 pm on the first Thursday of the month and runs for 3-month sessions. Kayla Brown presents this fantastic program and topics range from biomes to the Civil War. September’s program, Biomes: My Home, will be about different biomes and we will be creating biome boxes. Registration is required and space is limited so be sure to register online through our Event Calendar or call the library at 740.892.2400 or e-mail Kayla Brown at kbrown@lickingcountylibrary.info to register or for more information.

Don’t live close to Utica? No worries. The following Licking County Library locations also have homeschool programs:

Main Library – Homeschool Series, once a month – check our Event Calendar for dates and times.

Buckeye Lake Branch – Buckeye Lake Homeschool Program, third Monday of the month at 1:00 pm.

Hebron Branch – Hebron Homeschoolers, one Tuesday a month at 2:00 pm – check our Event Calendar for dates.

Jenn – Hervey Memorial, Utica

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