Hebron Renovates Teen Space

With 2,000 sq feet the Hebron branch library is physically the smallest of all the LCL branches,  we are however a little library with a BIG heart. Our four branch staff are working hard in the last 8 months to court more teens to come in and  ‘hang out’, play games and explore crafts specifically for their age group. We want them to use our services and our free research tools to help them through their teen years and beyond. The library CAN make teen life easier! This year we have made our teen area more attractive with its own seating area, a new teen books area and with a monthly board game night  from September through May.  Later in 2015 we hope to have some teen readers advisory on our teen table and more input from Hebron teens on new books or services. Come check out our changes and some items too!– Deirdre @ Hebron.

Books now on display in our Hebron Teen Area 2015

Books now on display in our Hebron Teen Area 2015

New Seating Area for Teens for board games, relaxing with your tablet or reading one of our books from the teen collection.



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Book Review: The Forgotten Sisters by Shannon Hale

forgottensistersFans of Shannon Hale’s Princess Academy series, rejoice — here is the author’s latest book!

After an extended visit to the capitol city, Miri is homesick for Mt. Eskel. She’s anxious to return to her family and get on with her life — but a last-minute request from the king throws all of her plans into confusion. With the nation on the brink of war, the king must forge an alliance with a neighboring country, and for that, a royal bride is needed. Miri, as a Princess Academy graduate, is expected to travel to where three royal cousins live in a remote, swampy area, and see that they are trained in all ways befitting princesses. When Miri arrives in the swamp, she discovers that the royal cousins have been living in poverty, hunting their own food, and sleeping on the ground in their little linder house. The girls have as little training as Miri and her friends had at the start of their own Princess Academy days — and less inclination to cooperate with their tutor! But as Miri gets to know her new charges, she finds herself beginning to care for them and respect them for their unique strengths, and they eventually learn to trust and respect her, too. But, isolated as they are in the swamp, it’s hard to know what’s happening in the kingdom. Is the Princess Academy still on, or is war already raging through the land?

This well-written series is populated throughout with strong female characters in interesting settings. It’s not strictly necessary to read the other two books before you read this one — the story stands on its own — but the book does frequently reference characters and events from previous books, so readers may want to start at the beginning of the series.

–Misti @ Main

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Read – alongs Help Children with Reading

giggle quackLearning to read begins with early literacy practices; talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing with your child. Reading with your child one on one is essential but for those times your child wants to read on their own you can use read-along books. The picture book comes with a CD so your child can read along with the CD as it tells the story. Your child will learn to recognize the written word while listening to the spoken words. These books are also great on car trips. Your child is entertained and learning to read while traveling.

The Main Library and Emerson Miller Library have a large assortment of read-along book/cd combos in easy to carry bags. All you need is a CD player to listen to the picture books and fun nonfiction titles. Check out a few titles today!

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“May the Fourth” Be With You!

Star Wars is a classic film enjoyed by millions. Did you know that there are Star Wars books which can be enjoyed by all ages, at all reading levels? This year there is a new Star Wars movie set to be released in December. Why not see where the story began by checking out some books?


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Sensory Play

Touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing are all used to explore during sensory play. Through tactile play, children are encouraged to explore, create, and investigate. Children don’t always have the words to describe the world around them, but they are constantly using their senses to observe the environment. These experiences help them develop vocabulary and strengthen their language skills.

Visit the Hebron Branch to play in our sensory bin,

or check out these fun ideas at home.
Fake Snow
Silly Putty
Rainbow Noodles
Cloud Dough
Colored Rice

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Full STEAM Ahead

We know that many of you wish we offered story time every single week. However, it is necessary for our staff to take occasional breaks to rest & recharge. A lot of work goes into planning fun, upbeat story times and it’s easier to prepare several programs all at once, hence the need for time away from our weekly offerings. During the April/May break our staff is working hard to prepare for the 2015 summer reading program and we’re really excited to share a little secret – the theme is superheroes!

While you’re waiting for the next round of awesome programming from the library, why not read a favorite book to your child or grandchild & extend the story at home? Explore the various components of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics) education together & strive for open-ended, inquiry-based fun.

Our library has partnered with other organizations in the county to offer STEAM learning opportunities for all ages. During the month of June you can visit the library, Dawes, Licking County Parks District, the Works & more to attend special programs that are all part of the new “Full STEAM Ahead” initiative in Licking County.

Here are some vehicle books & ideas to get started:

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus (Willems)

Who is Driving (Timmers)

Tip Tip Dig Dig (Garcia)

Freight Train (Crews)

STEAM Components: Art & Mathematics

Cut out various shapes from construction paper

Try building a train, boat, truck, rocket ship or other vehicle

Sort the pieces by shape or color

Practice counting & naming the shapes

Create a masterpiece – what other pictures can your child build using the shapes?

Have fun & be creative, there is no wrong way to play!


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March Mayhem: And the Winner Is…

Junie B. Jones!

Thanks to everyone who voted!

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March Mayhem: Who Will Win?

2015-03-27 09.51.00All month long, we’ve been pitting children’s book characters against one another to figure out which one our library users love best.  Now, it’s down to the final match-up: Curious George vs. Junie B. Jones!  Who will win — the curious little monkey, or that incorrigible first grader?  It’s not too late to cast your vote: stop by the Main Library today!

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Book Review: The Terrible Two by Mac Barnett and Jory John

terribletwoMiles Murphy is a prankster. He was the best prankster at his old school, and now that his family has moved to boring Yawnee Valley, he fully expects to be the best prankster at his new school. There’s just one problem: his new school already has a prankster. A really good one. Better than Miles? Perhaps. The only way to settle the issue is, of course, a prank war. The results are epic, but there’s one thing that could top them: the two pranksters working together on one enormous, unforgettable prank that will astonish the entire school.

This book is just plain fun. It’s a quick read that will have you laughing out loud more than once or twice. Of course, as a sworn member of the International Order of Disorder I’m obligated to support the literary efforts of my fellow members. Perhaps this is the most boring book ever, and this review is all one big prank! To find out for sure, you’ll just have to read it for yourself. Heh, heh, heh.

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Book Review: Rapunzel’s Revenge by Shannon and Dean Hale, Illustrated by Nathan Hale

Rapunzel's RevengeRapunzel’s Revenge is a graphic novel and a new take on the Rapunzel fairy tale.  Set in a wild west-type world, Rapunzel learns of her origins and is imprisoned in a tall tree instead of a tower by Mother Gothel, who she thought was her mother.  The tree is in a forest that has a special growth magic.  Rapunzel’s hair grows extremely long as a result.

After a couple of years in the tree tower, Rapunzel learns to use her hair in interesting ways, including escaping her prison.  After all the time fantasizing about escaping, rescuing her real mother, and teaching Mother Gothel a lesson, she is now free to do so!

Follow Rapunzel on her many adventures on the way to complete her mission.  She makes quite a few friends along the way, including Jack, who will become her travelling companion.  See if you can guess which fairy tale Jack is from by the clues in the story.

I really enjoyed this graphic novel.  The story is exciting and the illustrations are fantastic.  I particularly like that it focuses on a strong female character.  I know several kids who have read it and they all really liked it, too.

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